When choosing your carpet, please consider the following:


The icons throughout the broadloom section of this website give important information as to recommended usage for each broadloom range. For an explanation of these icons please click hereor to find the specification data for a particular product click here.


Please consider the position of any seams, especially when ordering hand-woven broadloom. It may not always be possible to perfectly align the lines in cut & loop hand-woven broadlooms. A light shear may be necessary along seams on hand-woven velvets. For wide rooms, seams can be avoided by choosing one of the hand-woven textures stocked in 5m width.


Cats and dogs can ‘pull’ loops in loop-pile or cut & loop carpets. Owners of very ‘active’ pets could consider one of Jacaranda’s cut-pile designs instead.


Natural fibres will fade over time and this may be accelerated by exposure to strong light. Natural undyed colours may fade more than dyed ones. This should be taken into consideration when choosing floor coverings for areas that experience strong light or direct sunlight.


All Jacaranda’s woollen carpet and rugs are woven from anti moth treated yarn.



All velvet carpets may occasionally show pile reversal. This is a natural phenomenon resulting from local conditions where a carpet is laid, causing sections of carpet pile to change direction, so reflecting the light differently. Despite a great deal of research, no common manufacturing process has been found to cause pile reversal so it is not a manufacturing fault. Pile reversal may change appearance but will not affect wear. In some cases, professional carpet cleaning companies are able to reset the pile.


Most carpets can be used over underfloor heating systems, however wool is a thermal insulator and will slow the transfer of heat from floor to the air above, the thicker the carpet the greater the thermal resistance which is measured as ‘tog’. Research by the Carpet Foundation has found that carpets and underlays with a combined thermal resistance of less than 2.5 togs do allow underfloor systems to work efficiently. Also that when tested in life sized chambers, the thermal resistance is lower than in laboratory tests i.e. carpet and underlay combinations with laboratory tested values of 3.5 togs, perform in real life situations closer to 2.5 togs. Jacaranda has laboratory tested the thinner and less dense carpets in our range and their tog values which vary from 0.7 to 2.84 are listed here . We believe that underfloor heating correctly installed and maintained will not affect your Jacaranda carpet, but carpets may slow heat transfer depending on their thickness and density. You should consult your heating manufacturer about recommended tog ratings, and your carpet fitter as to the best underlay to use.



Ranila and Rampur hand-woven carpets