Machine Made

The carpets in this section have all been developed for specific characteristics that add breadth of choice to Jacaranda’s carpet collection, and compliment Jacaranda’s extensive range of handmade floorcoverings.

TapanuiMayfield, Mavora, Milford and Midhurst bring a truly beautiful shine and purity to Jacaranda’s trademark palette of natural tones, made possible by the whiteness of the high quality New Zealand wool from which they are tufted in New Zealand.  From a practical point of view, New Zealand wool’s strength makes them tough and durable despite their luxurious softness.

Natural Weave Hexagon and Square combine beautifully defined textures with style and practicality.  Woven from New Zealand wool, they are hard-wearing, have low tog tests suggesting them as good partners for underfloor heating, and are suitable for stairs

Woven on Wilton looms Seville and Salamanca epitomise classic, stylish, traditional wool carpet. Their class 33 heavy contract ratings make them an excellent choice for heavier use areas such as hotel bedrooms or small offices.

For crisp contemporary textures Taormina White, Positano White and Portofino White, celebrated for their pure ‘whiteness’ will reflect natural light to create an airy feel, making a statement in a contemporary monochrome living space or as a canvas for a bold colour scheme.