Jaisalmer Product Spotlight

At Jacaranda, we love wool, and our hand-woven pure wool Jaisalmer collection is no exception.

Jaisalmer Cockle


  • Character-filled, pure wool texture with a subtle linear design gives a truly unique look
  • Super soft underfoot yet hardwearing with a class 33, heavy contract rating. Ideal for busy areas and has an ‘intensive use’ rating for stairs
  • Naturally resilient to stains and fire resistant too
  • A natural insulator, Jaisalmer adds warmth to rooms and softens acoustics in open plan spaces
  • JAISALMER and its sister range JASPUR VELVET are available in 9 natural shades, from timeless neutrals to deeper tones of blue and grey

1. Jaisalmer Vellum, 2. Jaisalmer Cowrie, 3. Jaisalmer Heron, 4. Jaisalmer Woad, 5. Jaisalmer Cockle, 6. Jaisalmer Titanium, 7. Jaisalmer Mist, 8. Jaisalmer Night, plus Jaisalmer Artemisia.