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Photography plays a key part in portraying the true beauty and texture of our handwoven carpets and rugs. A sample is vital to show the feel and colour but how will it really look in your client’s home?

We work with a talented team of photographers and stylists to capture our ranges, ensuring the true texture is honestly and inspirationally portrayed.

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Our picture library includes an array of captivating images from lifestyle to product photography, inspirational mood boards, and our handmaking processes.

All our high-quality images are available for you to download, share, and print through our online picture library.

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Seoni Cameo

What do we capture?

The detail 

We use photography to capture the details unique to each range. For example, our Almora/ Arani rugs now come with a subtle velvet border creating a stylish frame around the rug.

Arani Platinum

The texture

Handmade floorcoverings are unique, their texture can never be replicated by machine. Literally every carpet is a one-off, in that it’s very slightly different to the next. It is all part of the handmade charm.

Santushti Platinum

The movement

Our silky soft TENCEL™ ranges reflect the light, which gives the pile stunning movement reminiscent of crushed velvet.

Satara Nimbus

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