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  1. Who are GoodWeave

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    Founded in 1994 by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi, GoodWeave is a leading global institution set up to combat child labour in textile weaving industries. In more recent years, GoodWeave have expanded their vital work to tackle forced or bonded labour and provide educational opportunities to the children they rescue.

    GoodWeave & Jacaranda

    At Jacaranda, we are long-standing partners of GoodWeave, our unique carpets and rugs are handmade to create one-of-a-kind textures using artisan crafts perfected by generations of
    craftsmen and women. We are passionate about upholding these exceptional skills whilst ensuring that everyone involved is well treated. We insist the factories we work with are GoodWeave registered, thus ensuring that no child, forced or bonded labour is used in the weaving of our handmade carpets & rugs.

    The work that GoodWeave do

    For 25 years, GoodWeave has implemented and refined a set of market-driven programmes to stop child labour. Their holistic approach aims to heal and educate those children who have been exploited, while changing the underlying root causes.

    Measurable benefits

    GoodWeave’s recent statistics highlight very clearly the positive impact and changes their work is having within weaving communities: 9,436 rescued from child labour | 44,893 children provided with educational opportunities | 88,773 workers reached across supply chains in 2022.

    Discover more

    Here is a link to GoodWeave’s latest newsletter and videos to help understand first-hand the work they do:

    Goodweave Newsletter

    Hem’s Story:

    Stand with Sanju:

  2. Christmas Crafting

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    Reflecting on this time last week, the showroom was in full festive mode for our Christmas crafting workshop, as part of Design Centre Chelsea Harbour’s twinkle event.

    We loved hosting the workshop and were delighted to be joined by so many designers. It was clear that everyone relished spending an hour or two getting creative, over a glass of mulled wine, and a mince pie.


    TENCEL™ yarns are soft, strong, and beautifully shiny, the perfect ingredient for stunning carpets and rugs, as well as unique seasonal decorations. Whilst, our rich and varied colour palette of old golds, fir greens, ethereal silvers and vivid reds wonderfully compliment Christmas colour schemes.

    Doing our best to use natural materials, we foraged locally for our tree twigs, the TENCEL™ yarn is a renewable fibre made from sustainably grown trees and our tree templates were hand cut from used cardboard boxes.

    If you missed out, keep your eyes peeled for next year’s event.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Access our exclusive picture library

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    Show your clients the bigger picture

    Photography plays a key part in portraying the true beauty and texture of our handwoven carpets and rugs. A sample is vital to show the feel and colour but how will it really look in your client’s home?

    We work with a talented team of photographers and stylists to capture our ranges, ensuring the true texture is honestly and inspirationally portrayed.

    Access our library

    Our picture library includes an array of captivating images from lifestyle to product photography, inspirational mood boards, and our handmaking processes.

    All our high-quality images are available for you to download, share, and print through our online picture library.

    Click here to log-in or create an account to access our picture library today.

    Seoni Cameo

    What do we capture?

    The detail 

    We use photography to capture the details unique to each range. For example, our Almora/ Arani rugs now come with a subtle velvet border creating a stylish frame around the rug.

    Arani Platinum

    The texture

    Handmade floorcoverings are unique, their texture can never be replicated by machine. Literally every carpet is a one-off, in that it’s very slightly different to the next. It is all part of the handmade charm.

    Santushti Platinum

    The movement

    Our silky soft TENCEL™ ranges reflect the light, which gives the pile stunning movement reminiscent of crushed velvet.

    Satara Nimbus

    If you need any help accessing our picture library, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  4. Mood Board Masterclass with Joanna Wood

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    We were delighted to be joined by one of Britain’s leading figures in the world of international design, Joanna Wood, as part of Access All Areas at Focus ’22, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Speaking to a designer audience in Jacaranda’s Chelsea Harbour Showroom, alongside interior style hunter, Grant Pierrus, Joanna shared her secrets behind the perfect mood board.

    With three inspiring mood boards based on real life projects Joanna shared her tips. Crucially she began with the TWO MOST important factors to pulling together any scheme:

    1. THE CLIENT – Understanding your client is key, they need to feel that they are being listened to and understood. A huge amount can be learnt from conversations around their likes and dislikes, their expectations, even the way they dress can be a source of inspiration.
    2. SUITABILITY – Always keep practicality in mind, there is little point in specifying beautiful silk fabric for a child’s playroom.

    Joanna’s Top Tips

    • Identify key pieces of furniture with your client, then build the mood boards around these
    • Go old school, big pin boards play an important part in engaging your client with the design scheme and encouraging conversation
    • The key to pattern and layering, is scale, reflect this in your mood board as it helps the client to understand that busy patterns don’t need to be overwhelming

    • Mix up different fabrics and use them in innovative ways, introduce trims and borders to rugs and fabrics and be clever about how you can flip around paired colours in different ways
    • Allocate budget into small areas where it will really zing. Use lower cost materials for backing fabrics and more recessive areas
    • Choose your carpet or rugs last – once the colour scheme has been agreed, you’re in a stronger position to be able to select the carpet or rug that best fits the scheme

    Joanna concluded with her astonishment that she was able to source all items for the mood boards from the papers, fabrics, trims and of course carpet and rugs from the Jacaranda, Anna French and Thibaut collections on Display in our Chelsea Harbour Showroom.

    Visit our showroom at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, 2nd Floor, South Dome, where our Showroom Manager Dorota will be happy to help you pull together samples for your upcoming projects.

  5. The world’s first carpets and rugs handwoven from carbon-zero TENCEL™

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    Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs has committed to becoming net zero by 2040. In light of this, ensuring the use of sustainable fibres in our production has never been more important.

    Jacaranda’s NEW Seoni are the world’s first carpets & rugs made from ground-breaking carbon-zero TENCEL™. Handwoven with a subtle linear texture, Seoni brings together the best-selling colours from our TENCEL™ ranges.

    What is carbon-zero TENCEL™?

    By reducing carbon emissions in production methods and the use of renewable energy, award-winning TENCEL™ producers, Lenzing have created a true carbon-zero fibre whilst maintaining the beautiful softness and shine for which TENCEL™ is renowned.

    Seoni comes in 12 colours from classic neutrals to bolder blues and greens, stocked in 4 & 5m broadloom and rug sizes 2x3m & 3x4m. There is plenty of choice for bespoke options, as rugs can be made-to-measure with a choice of understated edges or bolder statement borders.

    As with all our TENCEL™ ranges Seoni carpets and rugs can be colour matched to paint, fabric, pom, or Pantone with no minimum order quantity.

    Get in touch today to order your samples or click here to view Seoni carpets and Seoni rugs.

  6. Hello Holidays

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    Jacaranda’s latest mood boards have been inspired by exotic, faraway destinations. The places we dream of going when our summer heatwave is over.

    Capturing the colours of Indian Ocean isles, from their tropical foliage to azure blue seas.

    Moodboard features Satara Moss, Willingdon Beluga, Kheri Duck Egg, Satara Adriatic, Satara Sage, Almora Amber, Willingdon Woad, Kheri Rose

    These rich sand and sun-baked terracotta tones inspired by the Atacama Desert, create a sense of comfort and warmth.

    Moodboard features Satara Garnet, Almora Pimpernel, Santushti Wheat, Satara Ochre, Agra Oyster, Satara Copper, Almora Amber

    Picture Thailand’s stunning Khao Sok National Park, abundant with evergreen rainforest, silver blue lakes and wild flowering orchids.

    Moodboard features Almora Canary, Satara Sage, Willingdon Vanilla, Almora Amber, Kheri Duck Egg, Kheri Camel & Almora Malachite

    As reflected in these mood boards, we are seeing a shift in design schemes, with people wanting to bring more warmth into their homes. Click here to see the full colour spectrum of the Jacaranda collection.

  7. Jaisalmer Product Spotlight

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    At Jacaranda, we love wool, and our hand-woven pure wool Jaisalmer collection is no exception.

    Jaisalmer Cockle


    • Character-filled, pure wool texture with a subtle linear design gives a truly unique look
    • Super soft underfoot yet hardwearing with a class 33, heavy contract rating. Ideal for busy areas and has an ‘intensive use’ rating for stairs
    • Naturally resilient to stains and fire resistant too
    • A natural insulator, Jaisalmer adds warmth to rooms and softens acoustics in open plan spaces
    • JAISALMER and its sister range JASPUR VELVET are available in 9 natural shades, from timeless neutrals to deeper tones of blue and grey

    1. Jaisalmer Vellum, 2. Jaisalmer Cowrie, 3. Jaisalmer Heron, 4. Jaisalmer Woad, 5. Jaisalmer Cockle, 6. Jaisalmer Titanium, 7. Jaisalmer Mist, 8. Jaisalmer Night, plus Jaisalmer Artemisia.

  8. Creating our Carpets & Rugs

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    Artisan Craftmanship

    Jacaranda is renowned for sumptuous, tactile textures which can only be created by hand. Hand-weaving carpets and rugs, is a highly skilled craft, passed down through the generations. In modern society these skilled trades are often replaced by lower quality machine-made alternatives. At Jacaranda, we are striving to keep these traditions alive, whilst ensuring ethical standards for the artisans involved.

    Handmade carpets and rugs have a unique charm and quirkiness that can never be mirrored by machine. Here’s how they are made:


    Every roll of Jacaranda handwoven carpet passes through at least 64 skilled hands across 280 hours and approximately 31 days. Each roll of carpet begins with the yarn, which is transferred from hanks to bobbins on a traditional spinning wheel. Each roll of Jacaranda carpet requires around 1200 bobbins. These bobbins are then wound by hand on to a large warping wheel in preparation for the loom.


    Each carpet is woven on traditional hand operated wooden looms. Warp and wefts are interwoven over metal rods by a traditional wooden shuttle thrown across and back, as pedal operated frames move up and down. The weaving creates a loop pile finish which can either be left for loop pile carpet or cut to create velvet or cut & loop pile finishes.


    Once off the loom, the carpets are then stretched on to grippers where the latex and backing is applied for structural stability before being dried in giant ovens. Every roll is then checked, tufts snipped, and velvet carpets are hand-sheared to create a smooth, glossy finish. Quality control is woven into the process, we have a dedicated quality control manager Mukesh, who checks each roll of carpet every step of the way to ensure they meet our high standards.


    Hand-woven rugs are produced in the same way as our carpets, then the edges are hand-sewn edge in the same yarn as the pile.


    Hand-woven carpets & rugs are extremely labour intensive, and we need to be sure that everyone concerned is well treated, and that no children are involved in our production. For this reason, we work with GoodWeave, an organisation set up by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, who work tirelessly to eradicate child labour in the weaving industries.

    Our factories must adhere to strict rules and guidelines set out by GoodWeave and never know when GoodWeave’s inspectors may arrive. Please do visit to find out more.

  9. Silk the ultimate luxury

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    Mandalay Silk

    Silk remains the ultimate luxury and for years, Jacaranda has received requests from across the world for real silk carpets and rugs. With the oldest known silk rug dating back to the 4th century, we are understandably excited to add these to our collection.

    Mandalay Silk is handwoven from 40% real silk and 60% Merino wool.

    Mandalay Silk Abalone Carpet

    The silk element offers the ultimate in luxurious shine whilst the Merino wool renowned for its softness and strength enhances the usability. Not only is Mandalay Silk beautiful, but it is practical too with medium contract rating, an impressive BFl-s1 fire rating and a tog rating of 1.68 making it compatible with most underfloor heating.

    Refined colour range

    Mandalay Silk spans across ten sophisticated shades from softer neutrals like Ecru & Abalone, to bolder grey & blue hues. Should you not be able to find the perfect tone we can colour match to paint, pantone, fabric or pom with no minimum order quantity.

    Mandalay Silk will be available from July in 4m, as well as stock rug sizes: 170x240cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm & 300x400cm or made-to-measure. 5m broadloom will be available from August

    Get in touch to order your samples today.

  10. Looking back at LDW

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    London Design Week

    Walking into the Design Centre for London Design Week our gaze was immediately transfixed by the vibrant colourful displays.

    “Boldness and bravery are key when it comes to how the places we live will look in 2022. COLOUR is crucial.” Ben Spriggs, Editor Elle Decoration.

    At Jacaranda, we fully embraced the energy and demand for bold, vibrant colours with our newly installed colour wall.

    Access All Areas

    It was so pleasing to see our showroom full to capacity for our talk on Colour Confidence with Honky Interior Design.

    Honky’s founder Chris Dezille revealed two interior schemes, put together exclusively for LDW, embracing bold colour and pattern and proving perception of colour is truly in the eye of the beholder.

    “Colour evokes an emotional response and considering how colour makes you feel is key to planning your space.” Paul Dawson, Design Director at Honky.

    Wow Room

    We were delighted to be asked by DCCH’s Arabella McNie to collaborate on the Wow Room, a precursor to the Design Centre’s much anticipated Wow House event coming in June. On visiting the Wow Room you are met by a kaleidoscope of colour, pattern and texture set off by our Satara Agate and Emerald carpets.

    Follow the link to browse a selection of our most colourful offerings and remember Jacaranda can colour match to an almost unlimited colour palette with no minimum order quantity.

  11. Jacaranda pledges to be Net Zero by 2040

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    Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs are pleased to announce we have joined the SME Climate Hub as recognised by the UN Race to Zero Campaign, pledging to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and to reach Net Zero by 2040.

    What does this mean for Jacaranda?

    The SME Climate hub requires us to publicly report our annual Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Simply put this means all our emissions from owned or controlled energy sources such as company vehicles, machinery and air conditioning.  Plus emission from all electricity and gas purchased for our Northamptonshire headquarters and Chelsea Harbour showroom.   You can see this report here.

    In addition, we have chosen to log company air miles and to work to reduce these too.

    What have Jacaranda done so far?

    We installed solar panels on our warehouse roof way back in 2012. Not nearly enough for our energy needs but we will be adding to them.

    We have just switched our electricity to a provider who generates with 100% renewables. Our warehouse and office lighting operates on motion sensors, so is only on when needed.

    We will buy no more diesel company vehicles. The first 2 fully electric company cars have just joined our fleet, plus 2 charge points installed at HQ.

    Jacaranda air travel has been considerable for a company our size with regular visits to our distributors all around Europe.  In November 2021 we re-discovered the pleasures of train travel visiting customers in 6 countries in a single trip.  Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Zurich and Milan – all easily reached by train commencing at London St Pancras.

    For rug transport within the UK, we now use the UPS Carbon Neutral scheme which offsets carbon emissions through projects such as: reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and methane destruction.

    Energy reduction is important, but so is reducing waste

    We have insisted that all our handwoven carpets and rugs are shipped from India in 100% recycled polythene.  We have switched our UK packaging to 100% recycled polythene too.

    All our print is now on recyclable card and paper, and we are working towards using only biodegradable laminates. Wherever possible paper is FSC certified from sustainable forests.

    We have reviewed all forms and filing, so the majority is now digital. In house printers are stocked with 100% recycled paper and defaulted to low toner, double-sided settings.  Address labels are biodegradable.  We will not re-order any envelopes with unrecyclable plastic windows.

    In the Kitchen we now use eco-friendly dishwasher tablets and milk in re-usable glass bottles from our milkman.

    These are just some of Jacaranda’s small steps and many more are being planned which we will be reporting on again soon.

    Lastly let’s spread the word, follow the link to find out more about the SME climate Hub and see how your business may be able to help.

  12. New Year, New Brochure

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    Showcasing our full repertoire of carpets and rugs, Jacaranda’s new brochure maintains a lightweight and portable format.

    Beautiful lifestyle settings bring the carpets and rugs to life. Easy to navigate pages show the full colour spectrum of each range alongside clear information on suitability, composition, rug options and
    carpet widths.


    Improved imagery of our rug edge options demonstrates the stylish, understated finishes or statement borders you can choose from to complete your made-to-measure rug.

    As always you can find out more about our handmade production methods, use of natural fibres, ethical labour practices and how to maintain your carpet or rug.

    Please click here to download the brochure or click here to request a copy by post.


  13. Colours of Christmas

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    Traditional and simple Christmas rug colours from Jacaranda

    Pastels to classic brights


    Playful Pastels

    Stepping away from the norm to a more playful colour choice. The pretty pastels found amongst our Kheri range add a sense of contemporary fun to a Christmas scheme.

    Nordic Simplicity

    A paired back feel where natural materials sit simply alongside the Norway Spruce. The neutral tones of our Kasia range marry beautifully with this minimalist Scandinavian look.

    Retro Nostalgia

    This year sees the comeback of the classic golds, reds and greens we associate with a traditional Christmas. All reflected perfectly in the jewel tones of Kheri Camel, Caper & Carmine.

    Kasia & Kheri

    Kasia & Kheri are hand-woven in India from 100% pure TENCEL™, a botanic fibre produced by Lenzing, a company dedicated to the production of sustainable eco-friendly fibres. TENCEL™ originates from wood sourced from only sustainably grown forests and it boasts an environmentally innovative production, where over 99 percent of the chemicals are recycled and re-used each time. Spanning 28 shades whatever your Christmas palette, we have a rug to match.

    Kasia & Kheri are available in stock rug sizes 170 x 240cm, 200 x 300cm, 250 x 350cm & 300 x 400cm and broadloom carpet too. Click here to view the full collection.

  14. New Rug Workshop Manager

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    With ever-increasing demand for made-to-measure rugs, Jacaranda are pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Place as our New Rug Workshop Manager.

    Edging Options

    Sarah has carried out a major review of our rug edging practices to ensure consistency of appearance and quality. Every one of Jacaranda’s ranges can be finished as a rug, the options are:

    Blind hemming is so called as the stitching is invisible and the tape gives a subtle edge to the rug. Our standard visible tape width varies from 4 – 8mm dependent on range, to ensure quality and longevity.

    To ensure the subtlest tape match to our expanding colour bank of rug centres, we will choose the best match from our selection of cotton or new velvet (polyester) tapes. Please be assured we have cotton or velvet tapes to match each range.

    We have found a solution for Almora, Arani & Chatapur, which we previously withdrew as an option for blind-hemming due to their cut & loop construction. We can now offer these ranges with a wider 12mm visible blind-hem using the new velvet tape.

    L: Example of Simla with blind-hem                                 R: Example of Arani with blind-hem

    We have also made improvements to our whipped edges, with new squarer corners and the addition of smart Jacaranda tape and leather label on the rear of the rugs. We now have wool to match all our wool ranges, for our TENCEL™ collections we use the same TENCEL™ yarn as the rug centre to whip the edges, meaning all but Jacaranda’s thickest bouclés can now be overlocked in our workshop.

    We have added an exciting range of 24 bold, velvet borders to our existing collection of leather, Alcantara®, linen and cotton. Velvet borders will be the same price as leather and Alcantara®. Our border widths are 5-6cm visible as standard. From January 2022 our new velvet borders will be available as wider 13cm borders.

    All the above finishes are available from our UK rug workshop, we can also offer edges hand-sewn at source;

    We use a needle to sew edges by hand, with the same-coloured wool or TENCEL™ from which each rug is made. All Jacaranda’s stock rugs have hand-sewn edges. Bespoke rugs can be hand-sewn too.

    Head over to our made to measure website page where you can find details on which edge is available on each range, new velvet colours will join the images of existing border tapes very soon.

  15. Reflecting on Focus 2021 – Sustainable Design

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    There was a palpable buzz at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour for Focus 2021. Everyone was clearly delighted to come back together and see everything the showrooms had to offer. We work in an industry where look and touch are incredibly important and sourcing through a computer screen is just not the same.

    Autumn Colours

    Autumn colours took centre stage throughout the Design Centre and are beautifully reflected in the warm tones of our new hand-woven range, Kheri. Come and see the collection in Jacaranda’s new look showroom.

    Sustainability in Design

    We were delighted to host a talk on ‘Sustainability in Design’ with renowned interior designer Susan White, of Iggi & Phoenix Interior Design and Grant Pierrus, author of award-winning blog ’The Interior Style Hunter’.

    Susan succinctly summed up sustainability in 3 key words ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ and shared some fantastic tips for designers on how to go about sourcing responsibly.

    Grant and Susan agreed that the key to specifying sustainably is education and really questioning brands and manufacturers on their sustainable policies. Only with this knowledge can designers sell the benefits to their clients.

    To hear the full talk on ‘sustainability in design’, including green energy, reducing your carbon footprint and Susan’s work on the first passive house UK development please follow this link to our Instagram page.

  16. New Kasia & Kheri broaden Jacaranda’s colour palette

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    Jacaranda’s stunning new Kasia & Kheri carpets and rugs introduce an exciting, contemporary colour palette to the collection. Kheri offers 18 alluring shades from soft pastel pinks and purples moving to richer darker tones such as Delphinium pictured below. Blues and greens straight from nature bringing the outdoors in. Whilst Kasia is home to Jacaranda’s trademark neutrals across 10 shades.

    Kasia & Kheri showcase a new finer denier TENCEL™ yarn, creating even greater reflections within the silk-like pile. Hand-woven in India from 100% pure TENCEL™, a botanic fibre produced by Lenzing, a company dedicated to the production of sustainable eco-friendly fibres. TENCEL™ originates from wood sourced from only sustainably grown forests and it boasts an environmentally innovative production, where over 99 percent of the chemicals are recycled and re-used each time.

    Kheri Cameo & Amethyst

    Jacaranda will stock Kheri in 4m and Kasia in 4& 5m carpet widths, and both in rugs sized 170 x 240cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm & 300x400cm. Rugs can also be made-to-measure in bespoke sizes. As with all our hand-woven TENCEL™ ranges Kheri & Kasia are available to colour match to pantones, paints & fabrics with no minimum order size.

    View Kasia Carpets and Kasia Rugs

    View Kheri Carpets and Kheri Rugs

    Get in touch today to order your samples.

  17. Let’s Talk Tog

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    We may all be taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather, but our customers are specifying for the winter ahead. So we thought it timely to address an increasingly common question; are Jacaranda’s carpets suitable for installation over underfloor heating? The quick answer is yes, with a more detailed explanation below.

    Which Jacaranda products are best for underfloor heating?

    Research by The Carpet Foundation in conjunction with the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association concluded that a tog of 2.5 (carpet + underlay) is a realistic maximum limit for underfloor heating.

    The good news is that many of Jacaranda’s ranges fall comfortably under the 2.5 tog level and with lots of underlays all coming well under 1 tog there is plenty of choice. All our hand-woven pure TENCEL™ carpets renowned for their incredible silk-like shine and eco-friendly credentials have a tog rating well under 1, which means heat will transfer quickly from heating to room.

    Even with wool, renowned for its insulating properties, there is plenty of choice. Our deep pile, hand-woven 100% wool Willingdon has a tog rating of 1.4. Whilst our flatweaves have surprisingly low tog ratings for pure wool carpet all falling between 0.8 and 1.8 tog.

    The tog rating for all our ranges can be found on our website product pages.  Browse our carpet ranges suitable for underfloor heating.

    The detail…

    Tog stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ and is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product. Essentially the higher the tog rating the slower the heat can pass through.

    Manufacturers will normally recommend a maximum tog value that you should lay over their heating systems. They may state that carpet must have a thermal resistance of no more than 1.5/1.7 tog, but it is genuinely not that simple.

    The laboratory test method used for tog was designed to predict insulation or the prevention of heat loss downwards through a floor with conventional heating such as radiators. However, The Carpet Foundation in conjunction with the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association carried out a research project which demonstrated that it had much less value when considering the reverse situation with underfloor heating. They tested 5 different carpet types with togs varying between 2.6 and 3.4 in a 4m square by 3m high test chamber. The results showed that none of the carpet/underlay combinations interfered with the efficient warming of the airspace in the room above.

    They now advise carpet manufacturers to subtract a conservative 1 tog from the tested thermal insulation to provide a measure of the ‘real’ thermal insulation of their product when it is used over underfloor heating systems. Please note Jacaranda’s tog ratings shown online do not have 1 tog subtracted, if this is factored in our carpets are even more suitable.

  18. Jacaranda’s new pom box

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    Many of our customers are looking to create beautiful bespoke rugs to tie in with their interior schemes, so Jacaranda have created a new pom box to help with colour matching.

    So, what are the benefits to owning a Jacaranda pom box?

    • Jacaranda’s 80 distinctive TENCEL™ shades in one place
    • Easy to work with poms, great for matching to your client’s schemes
    • No approval strike-off needed meaning quicker lead times.

    How to create your unique rug

    • Select any texture from our Natural Shine Collection
    • Choose your rug colour(s) from our new pom box
    • It is even possible to choose a contrasting shade for the hand sewn edge
    • Select your rug size and place your order.

    All rugs are hand-woven on traditional wooden looms from 100% TENCEL™, a botanic fibre produced by Lenzing, a company dedicated to the production of sustainable eco-friendly fibres. TENCEL™ originates from wood sourced from only sustainably grown forests and it boasts an environmentally innovative production, where over 99 percent of the chemicals are recycled and re-used each time.

    To order your pom box please contact or call 01536 762697.

  19. Rampur & Rajgarh

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    Jacaranda’s first foray into the world of shiny, silk-like carpets was the enduringly popular Rampur range. We have just relaunched this textural cut and loop stripe in a folder together with the luxurious velvet pile of Rajgarh. This new folder combines the top-selling 4 neutrals from Rampur and 7 Rajgarh shades from calm naturals to the more intense Gunmetal and Charcoal.

    Rampur Oatmeal, Pearl & Ivory


    Rajgarh Gunmetal, Silver & Eggshell

    Both Rampur and Rajgarh are hand-woven from a blend of 40% wool for strength and stability combined with 60% viscose for its beautiful softness and shine. They are stocked as broadloom in 4 and 5m widths and boast heavy domestic/general contract ratings. We can also make bespoke rugs with a choice of finishes including hand-sewn, blind-hemmed and bordered. Both ranges can be colour matched with no minimum order size and come with a 5-year moth protection guarantee.


  20. Join us 16-21 May at London Design Week

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    This year, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour will reconnect, converse and create by celebrating the best in design. London Design Week 2021 kickstarts with a virtual launch on Sunday 16 May. Showrooms will be open from 17 to 21 May, for in-person visits, alongside an inspiring online programme.

    Jacaranda’s Showroom Manager, Dorota will be on hand to advise on projects and showcase our latest collections. Including Arani & Almora, a 2-tone linear texture, in our trademark neutral shades but with some stylish bolder hues that reflect the 2021 pantone colours of the year. Why not come take a look!

    All visitors will be required to register online prior to visiting LDW at: Appointments will not be necessary to visit Jacaranda’s showroom, although we will restrict visitor numbers to 4 at a time to give everyone a safe and comfortable opportunity to browse.

  21. Wool nature’s choice

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    Spring is in the air, and the lambs playing in the fields have prompted us to reflect on the wonders of wool.

    Why choose wool carpet and rugs?

    • Wool is nature’s choice, sheep naturally re-grow their thick insulating coats every year
    • It grows with an inherent crimp and spring, so can be woven into great textures like our big boucle Chatra and Natural Weave Herringbone
    • Wool is very resilient and hard-wearing. Jacaranda’s Willingdon scores a Class 33 Heavy Contract rating to international standard EN 1307
    • Sheep coat their wool with natural lanolin as it grows, this is retained during manufacture to provide natural stain resistance
    • Yes, we dye wool, but its variety of natural undyed colors is stunning, as shown by our Chennai carpets and rugs
    • At the end of a carpets life, the wool will biodegrade. Rubbish tips will be stuffed with synthetic carpet pile for generations, but not with wool

    True, carpet moth can be a problem, but not with Jacaranda’s floorcoverings. All our wool yarns are treated against moths before spinning. All our wool floorcoverings come with a 5 year guarantee, although in our experience the anti-moth proofing lasts much longer.

    Visit Chennai carpets and Chennai rugs

  22. GoodWeave’s inspections continue, despite the pandemic

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    GoodWeave is hugely important to Jacaranda. We insist that the factories who weave for us in India and Nepal, allow random, unannounced visits from GoodWeave’s inspectors. This helps us to ensure that all who weave for Jacaranda are adults, and that working conditions are safe.

    Child labour is sadly on the increase through poverty induced by the pandemic, so we decided to share this recent update from GoodWeave.

    “As you may know, GoodWeave inspection teams in India and Nepal returned to in-person Tier 1 factory audits in October 2020. We are now pleased to share that our teams are resuming onsite audits and unannounced inspections for Tier 2 and Tier 3 facilities and worksites as well. All GoodWeave staff visiting worksites will be equipped with appropriate PPE, and inspectors will minimize contact with supplier staff during the audit/inspection, as well as follow social distancing norms. To prevent transmission of the virus, we have requested that suppliers ensure all employees are provided with appropriate PPE and all subcontractors have COVID-19 protection measures in place.”

    GoodWeave is an exceptional, international, nonprofit organization. It was founded in 1994 by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi. Today it is the leading global institution with a mission to stop child labour in global supply chains. Apart from their inspection and labelling, GoodWeave looks after and helps to educate rescued children if they cannot be re-united with their families.

    Please always ensure that any hand-woven, hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs that you buy or sell, carry the GoodWeave label. For more information visit GoodWeave’s website.

  23. Pantone Prophecy

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    The 2021 Pantone colours of the year have just been announced, and it seems that Jacaranda has the gift of foresight! The new Pantone colours of the year for 2021 combine ‘illuminating’ (P13-0647) a soft yellow tone with ‘ultimate grey’ (P17-5104). These colours are strikingly similar to the yellow and grey textured stripes of Jacaranda’s newly launched Almora Oriole.

    Bright and sunny colours

    As 2021 brings brighter and sunnier colours to the fore, Almora has many to choose from. Almora Canary, Oriole, Amber or Pimpernel would bring true warmth to more neutral schemes. Almora’s original blues and greens will offer the same deep intensity, that only a pop of colour can bring! Whatever your customer’s colour of choice, the exciting combinations in Almora are sure to spark interest.

    Stock carpets and rugs

    Jacaranda will stock Almora in 4m broadloom and rugs sized 170x240cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm & 300x400cm. Rugs can be made-to-measure too.

  24. Beautiful two-tone Arani & Almora

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    Jacaranda’s beautiful new Arani & Almora carpets and rugs are defined by their striking two-tone linear textures. Jacaranda’s owner and Managing Director, Richard Meager has drawn on 20 years of colour in interior design, to bring his flair for soft stylish tones into a bolder palette.

    Classic and Colourful

    Arani has all the timeless shades Jacaranda is synonymous with, while Almora offers more colourful hues. Almora retains the popular blues, greens & greys, but introduces statement shades like monochrome, canary, amber & oriole.

    Added to Arani & Almora’s eclectic colour range, is a characterful cut & loop texture, woven on traditional handlooms. Richard was the first to bring hand-woven broadloom to Britain and at Jacaranda we still love the originality of textiles made by hand. They have so much more character than machine made, mass produced carpets or rugs.

    Silk-like Shine

    Lastly, it is shine that defines Arani & Almora, the pile catches and reflects the light like velvet. The two-tone texture is woven from shiny TENCEL™ for which Lenzing AG won the ‘European Award for the Environment’ owing to exceptionally low emissions, as the wood from sustainably grown forests is transformed into silk-like fibres. Lenzing AG prove that innovation and the environment can go hand in hand, and Jacaranda believes in creating beauty that lasts, in sustainable textures.

    Stocked ProductsJacaranda will stock Almora in 4m and Arani in 4 & 5m carpet widths, and rugs sized 200x300cm, 250x350cm & 300x400cm. Rugs can also be colour matched and made-to-measure.

  25. Jacaranda’s new rug brochure has arrived

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    We are delighted by our new rug brochure and hope that you like it too.  We were determined that this year’s brochure should be light and portable, but as stylish and informative as ever.

    Our new brochure has clear colour photography of all Jacaranda’s handwoven rugs in all their colourways.  It contains straightforward advice on the suitability of each range for various locations, as well as composition, dimensions and moth guarantees.

    Bespoke rugs

    We’ve improved the explanations for our made-to-measure bordered and blind hemmed rugs, as well as our hand-tufted and hand-knotted bespoke rug design service.

    Ethics and the Environment

    Of course you can read about Jacaranda’s long term commitment to ethical labour practices, natural fibres and the environment.

    Please click here to request a copy by post, or click here to view the brochure online.

  26. BIID approve Jacaranda’s CPD presentation

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    As you may know, the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) is the only professional institute for interior designers in the UK. Its growing membership represents both the commercial and residential sectors, from heritage to cutting edge. In addition to rigorous entry requirements which assess training, experience and professionalism, they require members to continue their professional development throughout their career to ensure their continued expertise in design process, practice and regulatory matters.

    Jacaranda is therefore extremely happy to meet the BIID’s threshold of expertise to offer our CPD presentation, on our chosen topic of ‘Handmade carpets and rugs mixing natural fibres with beauty, ethics and practicality.’

    Getting to know handmade carpets & rugs

    In this presentation we will answer questions like:

    • Do you know what TENCEL™ botanic fibre is made from?
    • How much time does it take to make one roll of handmade carpet?
    • Who are Goodweave, and what do they do?
    • What are the differences between hand-tufted and hand-knotted?
    • Which fibre comes with a lifetime moth guarantee?
    • What are the 4 main rug edge options?

    If this is of interest and you would like to know the answers, please sign up for Jacaranda’s continued professional development presentation.

  27. Alcantara® 10 years of carbon neutral status

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    The bordering service that can convert every Jacaranda carpet into a bespoke rug, has just got better.

    We have added new borders and improved the explanation on our website.

    New Alcantara® Range

    New Alcantara® joins Jacaranda’s leather, cotton and linen border choices. Jacaranda is proud to offer Alcantara® because of their sustained concern for the environment, they have just celebrated their 10th Anniversary of carbon neutral status.

    Alcantara® looks likes suede but is designed to be inherently stain resistant and is easier to spot clean. Unlike leather and suede Alcantara® has no splices.

    New Website Page

    The new ‘Made-to-Measure‘ page on our website has clear pictures of Jacaranda’s blind-hemmed, piped, bordered, whipped and hand-sewn edges; with lists of which carpet textures are most suitable for which finish.


  28. ‘Eco’ claims verified independently

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    Jacaranda carpets & rugs always insist on independent third party evaluation and accreditation.


    This European certification accredits environmentally responsible production, and requires intensive product testing for VOC emissions and chemicals to ensure consumer safety. The testing integrates information on environmental issues, consumer health & safety and works across installation, usage, recycling and production; to cover the life-cycle of the carpet. Within our wool collection our Natural Weave, Harrington, Heyford & Holcot ranges carry the GUT/Prodis logo. For GUT/Prodis website click here.

    European Award for the environment

    The botanic fibre TENCEL™ which we source from Lenzing AG, is made from wood pulp that is produced from sustainably grown trees. The production process has won the ‘European award for the environment’ due to extremely low emissions as 99.8% of solvents are recycled over and over again. TENCEL™ natural fibres manage moisture more than synthetic fibres, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and allowing for more comfortable living spaces.

    VOC Emissions

    High VOC emissions cause pollutants in the atmosphere, which over time can affect the ozone layer. We recognise the importance of reducing VOC emissions, so our products are independently tested over a 3 day period using the BS EN 16516:2017 VOC Emissions test. Our TENCEL™ and Wool products score well below 1, the benchmark for a good classification.

    Using only natural fibres

    Jacaranda never compromises quality or longevity, but wherever possible the use of chemicals and non-natural ingredients is minimised. Jacaranda’s luxurious and unique textures can only be achieved by sourcing the highest quality natural materials, as we aim to ensure beauty and sustainability go hand in hand.

  29. Pictures from India

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    “We regularly post images of our beautiful carpets and rugs, installed in stylish
    locations across Britain and Europe.

    We are often proud to say that each roll of Jacaranda handmade carpet passes through at
    least 130 skilled hands, across 208 hours, over approximately 26 days.

    We don’t show you often enough, the very skilled people who handmake them with pride.
    Here’s some wonderful shots taken on our last visit to India.”

    Lucy & Richard Meager

    Weaving on traditional looms

    Our traditional looms need several strong weavers, using their hands and feet to move the frames and control the wooden shuttle thrown left then right. Weavers often work in family groups, proud of their loom. It is testament to their skill and dedication, that they regularly weave prefect rolls of carpets 5m wide by 20m long.

    Handmade beauty


    To ensure that there are no children involved in our supply chain, Jacaranda has for many years supported GoodWeave and our factories never know when GoodWeave’s inspectors may arrive. GoodWeave was founded in 1995 by Indian activist Kailiash Satyarthi who was recognized for his achievements in 2014 with the Nobel Peace Prize.

    And a note on the pandemic.

    Our factories have started production again, but at reduced capacity while they introduce safe working practices into very skilled and labour-intensive production processes. Government rules dictate safe social distancing and face masks for all. Jacaranda supports these measures.

  30. Jacaranda’s new bee garden

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    Our very first guest, this bumble bee came visiting while the Heather was waiting to be planted.

    Jacaranda’s new bee garden is in its infancy, but we are pleased to report we are attracting visitors already.

    Jacaranda’s ‘eco’ committee meets regularly to discuss all parts of the business, to see where we can improve.  As a result, we have a cleaner vehicle policy, recyclable packaging and carbon neutral rug transport.  The most fun development though, is our new ‘Bee Garden’ which stretches right along the front of our Northamptonshire HQ.

    Pollinators including bees are struggling, declining in numbers for multiple reasons.  One of the ways we should all help if we can, is to supply pollen sources that flower throughout the year.   Not any old flowers will do though.  Bees have relatively short tongues apparently, so cannot access pollen from many showy, modern cultivars. Bees forage during warmer spells throughout the year, so plants that flower early or late can be particularly valuable.

    Jacaranda’s hardy gardening volunteers planting our new ‘Bee Garden’. Early flowers such as these Primroses are particularly valuable to bees foraging for pollen after the winter.

    We planned our planting using the Royal Horticultural Society’s website and the brilliant ‘Plants for Pollinators’ filter on their ‘Find a Plant’ search function.   We ended up buying hundreds of plants through 3 different nurseries. On a windy day in early March, Richard and I (the MD’s) got digging, with several hardy helpers from ‘sales and marketing’.  It’s been such a dry spring, that we have been watering hundreds of plants ever since.  All our plants are looking healthy, several are flowering, and bees have been visiting since day one. We hope that word gets around.

    Bees love this Salvia, selected for its purple colour to reflect the colour of Jacaranda’s logo.

    5 reasons to support bees:

    1. Biodiversity

    As pollinators, bees play a part in every aspect of the ecosystem. They support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, which serve as food and shelter for creatures large and small. There is no doubting the importance of bees to our food supply. Without them, our gardens would be bare and our plates empty.

    2. Wildlife Habitats

    Many tree species, like willows and poplars, couldn’t grow without pollinators like bees.

    3. Food Source

    Bees produce honey to feed their colonies during the cold winter months. Humans have harvested honey for thousands of years.

    4. Wild Plant Growth

    Bees are responsible for the production of many seeds, nuts, berries, and fruit, which serve as a vital food source for wild birds and animals.

    5. Pollination

    Bees earn their reputation as busy workers by pollinating billions of plants each year, including essential agricultural crops.

  31. NEW Chennai rugs

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    Chennai’s beautiful random tip-shear texture can only be achieved by hand.  Soft and natural colours are a celebration of pure undyed wool.

    Hand-woven rugs

    This durable 100% pure wool design is hand-woven by traditional methods and skilled artisans cut or leave loops to graduate the pile, creating its random texture via hand-shearing. This process of hand-weaving is a labour of love, hundreds of bobbins are wound by hand, and then manually wrapped around a warping wheel and onto wooden looms which are hand-operated, with no need for electricity. Even the edges of these beautiful rugs are hand-sewn with traditional needle and woollen thread.

    Soft wool fibres

    Jacaranda loves wool. Soft, warm wool fibres blend beauty and style with practical durability. Wool fibres are naturally coated in lanolin for stain resistance, alongside being renewable and recyclable. Moth-treated at manufacture, with a 5 year anti-moth guarantee. Chennai’s subtle colour palette celebrates the beauty of natural undyed wool, but ‘Salt’ is dyed to achieve a cooler grey.

    NEW Chennai rugs

    These NEW rugs are stocked in popular sizes: 170x240cm, 200x300cm & 300x400cm, RRP from £425.00 inc VAT.  Also available in 4 & 5m broadloom, RRP from £60.00/m2 inc VAT

    Click here to view Chennai rugs

  32. Jacaranda’s hand-tufted Refined rugs

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    They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so we wanted to bring to you a video that captures the art of hand-tufting

    This video shows the production of Jacaranda’s Moon Leaf design rug 2x3m. The process begins with the rug design printed onto canvas stretched over a large steel frame. Yarn is then punched through the back of the frame. 2 yarn types and colours feature in this design, but you can choose from a wide variety of colours and different yarns.

    Contrast colours

    This camel colour yarn is soft and shiny TENCEL™ which contrasts with the green ‘olea’ pure wool.

    Bespoke designs

    If you are looking to design a bespoke hand-tufted rug, why not contact our in-house designers and we will guide you through every step.

  33. Jaspur & Jaisalmer

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    Pure Wool Designs

    Jacaranda’s new Jaspur and Jaisalmer pure wool designs are hand-woven on traditional wooden looms, this artisan practice allows for the creation of wonderful textures. Jaisalmer is an unusual but subtle linear stripe only achievable by hand, and Jaspur is a rich smooth velvet.

    Hand-weaving broadloom is a time-consuming art that requires real skill at each stage. Each roll of handmade carpet passes through at least 130 skilled hands, across 208 hours over 26 days to achieve a beautiful finish.

    Natural Wool fibres

    Sheep grow new fleeces every year making wool renewable and recyclable, soft and warm but hard-wearing and naturally fire-retardant. With a high luxury and comfort level, deep dense wool pile adds texture whilst insulating your home. Wool fibres are also naturally coated in lanolin providing stain resistance.

    Warm and Durable

    Jaspur and Jaisalmer carpets bring warmth, texture, durability and bags of character, alongside a colour palette that spans across nine natural tones. Both are suitable for stairs and are heavy contract rated. Stocked in 4m and 5m broadloom, rugs can be made-to-measure.

    Click here to view the Jaspur range

    Click here to view the Jaisalmer range

  34. Jacaranda’s commitment to the wider environment

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    Here at Jacaranda we recognize that business principles have an impact on the wider environment. As such, we are fine-tuning our practices and one of the first things to be implemented is how we protect our products during transportation from the mill to the warehouse.

    recyclable plastic

    As we become increasingly aware of the dangers of plastic pollution on our planet, we want to ensure our packaging waste does not contribute to this global issue. We now wrap all handmade broadloom & rugs, shipped from India, in clear polythene made of LDPE resin 4; it is easily recyclable and can be made into a wide number of new products. Indeed, all waste polythene collected from the Jacaranda UK warehouse is baled and sent for recycling. None of it is sent to landfill or for incineration.

    Carbon neutral shipping

    From November 2019, in partnership with international courier UPS, all rugs and samples delivered both in the UK and internationally, are certified carbon neutral. “UPS offers customers the ability to counter balance the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of their packages through carbon offsetting. This means that for every tonne of CO2 a package produces in transportation, an equivalent amount of CO2 is saved by a verified emission reduction project somewhere else in the world.”

    Renewable energy

    Jacaranda UK moves towards renewable electricity and is keen to minimize its carbon footprint and support clean energy use. Jacaranda’s energy supplier offers 100% renewable electricity via independent wind generators.  Solar panels were fitted to the warehouse roof when we extended 5 years ago and we have plans to double this number in the near future.

    These are just some of the first steps we have made in our commitment to the environment and more eco updates will follow as the schedule rolls out.


  35. A star is born…

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    Christmas is a time to create layers of luxury and texture within the home.
    Jacaranda brings you some of its sumptuous wintertime favourites.

    Satara & Santushti 100% TENCEL™

    Jacaranda’s popular Satara & Santushti ranges offer jewel-like tones or sophisticated subtle hues to suit any scheme. Pictured here left to right: Satara Mackerel & Nimbus & Santushti Dove

    Natural Shine 100% TENCEL™

    The cool shades of winter from our natural shine carpet & rug ranges offset by warm gold picture frames. Pictured here left to right: Santushti Shell, Satara Camel, Simla Silver, Sikkim Snow, Simla Tapenade, Santushti Wheat & Chatapur Platinum

    Agra 50% wool/50% TENCEL™

    Jacaranda’s most opulent deep pile carpet or rug at 5000g/m2. Pictured here Agra Taj

    Merry Christmas from all at Jacaranda

  36. Jacaranda’s Guide to Carpet and Rug Underlay

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    Carpet & Rug Underlay Guide

    Here at Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs we are often asked what underlay we would recommend. So we have put together a quick overview, breaking it down into the following categories: domestic, underfloor heating, environmentally friendly or contract use, so hopefully you will find one to suits your needs.

    Domestic Use

    For rugs within the home we sell the Teebaud anti-slip rug underlay. It is approx. 4mm thick, made of needlefelted polyester and is suitable for use with rugs situated on carpets or hard floor and can be used with underfloor heating. If you would like more information on our rug underlay please contact us. For carpet we have two underlay products by Cloud 9 the ‘Connoisseur 8’or ‘Caviar & Crystal 11’. Both are for luxury domestic but they are offered at different thicknesses. The C8 is 8mm and the CC11 is 11mm, with tog ratings of 2.3 & 2.7 and sound insulation of 37dB & 41dB. They are both stretch fit, made from recycled materials and with ultra fresh technology. The key difference is that the CC11 is firmer than the C8.

    Underfloor Heating Use

    For areas where you have underfloor heating we would recommend Duralay ‘Heatflow Carpet’ for heavy contract use or Tredaire ‘King’ for domestic use. The Duralay product is 6.1mm thick with a 0.75 tog and sound insulation of 31 dB, it is also 100% recyclable. The Tredaire option is 8.3mm thick with a 0.8 tog and sound insulation of 42 dB. Both are stretch fit, low VOC emissions and antimicrobial & mildew resistant.


    Environmentally Friendly

    For those looking to ensure all products used are environmentally friendly, these 3 options will fit the bill for both luxury domestic and heavy contract usage. Texfelt offer ‘Springbond 9’ or ‘Springbond 11’ and Axfelt offer a ‘Triple Layer Underlay’. Texfelt Springbond at 9mm or 11mm are both made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable, with tog ratings of 2.1 & 2.3, sound insulation of 41dB or 57dB. They have no harmful VOC content and they are moisture, rot and mildew repellent. Axfelt underlay is 10mm thick with a 2.2 tog and sound insulation of 32dB and it is made from 100% recycled material, but it is not suitable for use with underfloor heating.

    Contract Use

    For contract needs we have three products by Cloud 9 ‘Contract’, ‘Super Contract’ and ‘Silver Linings’. Contract & Super Contract at 8mm or 10mm, thermal insulation 2.1 & 2.3 tog, sound insulation 35-37 dB & 39-42dB. Contract is suitable for heavy contract & domestic use in areas where a firm fitting and high energy absorption is required. Super Contract is suitable for luxury contract & domestic use, in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. Silver lining we have also listed as it is the most suitable for boats, for heavy contract use where a flat firm fitting is required. It is 6mm thick, has a thermal insulation 1.5 tog & sound insulation 30dB. All are constructed from Cloud 9 APT crumb, suitable for double stick or stretch fit, made using recycled materials and include ultra fresh technology.

    Please download Jacaranda’s handy underlay guide to see each category page with options listed side-by-side

  37. Decorex International 2019

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    Jacaranda’s seasonal tones

    Jacaranda embraced colour at this year’s Decorex International exhibition at Olympia London, with our Exotic Botanicals, Global Nomad & Urban Jungle moodboards.

    Decorex International is Europe’s leading event for interior design professionals; established for over 40 years. It is a four-day show presenting next-level design from across the world, presenting interior products, projects and perspectives – and the people who create them.

    Exotic Botanicals

    Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs | 11. Satara Garnet | 12. Simla Atlantic Blue | 13. Willingdon Woad | 17. Satara Gold | 18. Heavy Velvet Aegean | 19. Satara Ochre | 21. Satara Emerald | 29. Satara Copper | 33. Willingdon Peacock

    Wallcoverings | 2. LX110 Texam Home at Altfield | 15. Paiony 7452 28 58, Casamance | 22. Seton Scallop Emerald Green AT9688, Anna French | 23. 116/4014, Cole and Son | 25. Narcisse Carre COS235/CA, Nobilis Paris | 26. Palazzo Carre COS182/CA, Nobilis Paris | 31. Menagerie of Extinct Animals MO2071, Moooi Wallcovering by Arte

    Fabrics | 1. Desert Flower II Antiquary 322697, Zoffany | 9. Marlowe 4306 05, Casamance | 10. Midnight Garden Indigo PF50473, Baker Lifestyle at GP&J Baker | 14. Ralph Alga 30311-20, Rubelli Venezia | 16. Pontia Ochre/Steel HMOE132243/C Harlequin | 20. Palermo 15 455/979, Ardecora at Zimmer + Rohde | 24. Opal 600666-002, Sahco | 27. Marlowe 4306 04 29, Casamance | 28. Okinawa Veronese Blu/Notte TD082-75 Armani Casa at Rubelli | 30. Silent Movie Chartreuse 30250-9, Rubelli Venezia | 32. Desert Flower II Koi 322693, Zoffany | 34. Circus 10832 134, Zimmer + Rohde

    Leathers | 3. Ranger Moss RAN11, Edelman | 4. Bilbao Green Tea BLB797, Whistler Leather | 5. Zaragoza Bubbles Print ZAR786, Whistler Leather | 6. Livorno Sleeping Passion LVR239, Whistler Leather | 7. Pueblo Burnt Orange PBL237, Whistler Leather

    Zoffany Paints | A. Hessian Green | B. Koi Carp | C. Lazuli | D. Ink

    Background colour: Serpentine, Zoffany | Frame colour: Lamp Black (228) Little Greene

    Global Nomad

    Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs | 2. Satara Sage | 3. Satara Duck Egg | 11. Chatapur Platinum | 15. Satara Camel | 16. Simla Lavender | 18. Natural Weave Hexagon Ivory | 29. Simla Opal | 33. Heavy Velvet Mist | 34. Willingdon Beluga

    Wallcoverings | 1. Cairo Green and White AT9623, Anna French | 4. Wildwalk Gallop 28024, Arte | 12. Madison Copper/Teal J8009-01, Jane Churchill | 23. Galeecha 7453 33 76, Casamance | 26. Phulkari N9021035003 Crimson, No 9 Thompson by Richard Smith at Jim Thompson | 27. Galuchat QNT85/TI, Nobilis Paris | 28. Diamond Weave II 4441 River Delta, Phillip Jeffries

    Fabrics | 5. Floriana Aqua F4692-03, Colefax and Fowler | 6. Fitzrovia Pink/Multi 31649/02, James Hare | 13. Dick Tracy Tiffany, 30310-12, Rubelli Venezia | 14. Aphrodite, MD396A03, Backhausen at Colony | 17. Quartzite Red/Gold J0089-02, Jane Churchill | 19. Charleston Pink 31653/03, James Hare | 20. Samara Galapagos, T1110/02, Weitzner at Altfield | 21. Kempsey Red/Green F4693-02, Colefax and Fowler | 22. Woodley Poppy SSTWOO/11, Schuyler Samperton Textiles at Tissus d’Helene | 24. Alabastro Coral & Green AL-802, Tania Vartan at Miles X Bookshop | 25. Nikko Hibiscus, V3369/03, Villa Nova | 30. Assenmblage Crevette, TC00060, Thomas Callaway at Holland and Sherry | 31. Kasai Aqua F92930, Thibaut | 32. Jake Orpington Blue, 178432, Veere Grenney for Schumacher at Turnell & Gigon

    Leathers | 7. Segovia Poets Garden, SGV223, Whistler Leather | 8. Levanto Dusky Sunset, LVN243, Whistler Leather | 9. Annecy Gum Tree, ANN282, Whistler Leather | 10.  Hessian Print Smokey Haze, HSS222, Whistler Leather

    Little Greene Paints | A. Aquamarine (138) | B. Pleat (280) | C. Hellebore (275) | D. Drizzle (217) | E. Linen Wash (33)

    Background colour: Linen Wash (33) Little Greene | Frame colour: Lamp Black (228) Little Greene

    Urban Jungle

    Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs | 1. Natural Weave Herringbone Charcoal | 4. Willingdon Onyx | 7. Chennai Horseradish | 8. Harrington Bryony | 18. Chatra Cream | 23. Chatra Putty | 29. Chennai Salt | 33. Chennai Sparrow | 34. Chatapur Night

    Wallcoverings | 2. Ischia Black, T10115 Thibaut | 6. Mekong Stripe Charcoal and Taupe, T10089, Thibaut | 12. Rain Water, Black T10097 Thibaut | 20. Sanctuary 4584 Navy Solitude Phillip Jeffries | 31. Lamina Onyx Bronze, 11121 68, Harlequin

    Fabrics | 3. Pythagorum Pewter/Bronze 120867, Harlequin | 5. Attica KR052038, Kohro at Altfield | 9. Siracusa 15459/989, Ardecora at Zimmer + Rohde | 10. Ralph Nero 30311-7, Rubelli Venezia | 11. Ralph Argento 30311-5, Rubelli Venezia | 17. Checkmate 3043/02 Pollack at Altfield | 19. Novus 1, 135, by Kvadrat Raf Simons | 21. Pilgrim 10827 986 Zimmer + Rohde | 22. Adaxial Oyster/Bronze/Onyx 132994, Harlequin | 24. Stanton Ebony ED85303 955, Threads at GP&J Baker | 25. Jaucourt 10800.32, Nobilis Paris | 26. Vis a Vis 10819 994, Zimmer + Rohde | 27. Rafara 4303 01 16 Casamance | 28. Bahati Charcoal 1897303, Clarence House at Turnell & Gigon | 30. Piccadilly Black, 8324/03, James Hare | 32. Ombre Velvet Black AW9668, Anna French

    Leathers | 13. Luxe Calf Caramel LU44, Edelman | 14. Wagon Lit Brown Bear WL57, Edelman | 15. Biarritz Liquorice BRR224, Whistler Leather | 16. Rhodes Ancient Pyramids RHD222, Whistler Leather

    Sanderson Paints | A .Winter White | B. Briarwood | C. Wren Feather | D. Graphite | E. Carbon

    Background colour: Wren Feather, Sanderson | Frame colour: Lamp Black (228) Little Greene

    The moodboards were created for us by Arabella McNie, a creative interiors stylist with a reputation for outstanding work; renowned for her great use of colour and texture. Her chosen backdrop was Designer’s Guild no 36 Notting Hill Slate paint, with our deep sumptuous Simla Gunmetal carpet on the floor. This dark grey backdrop really allowed each of the themes to sing, whichever of the themes is your favourite, we think each one offers something new & inspiring, from neutral monochromes and pretty pastels to richer, bolder, vibrant shades.

  38. Autumn Hues

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    Natural Shine

    Highlighting the full colours of Autumn from our Natural Shine collection a selection of Satara and Simla colours are offset on a moss green background. These earthy tones bring a warmth and richness that mirror the current season.

    Featured from top right, Satara Moss, Satara Ochre, Simla Tapenade, Simla Fern, Simla Taupe, Satara Camel & Satara Copper

    TENCEL™ Fibres

    Our Natural Shine ranges are hand-woven from the botanic fibre TENCEL™ giving them a refined sheen which beautifully reflects the light and is silky-soft underfoot. The fibres smoothness, allow for a higher dye uptake which results in vibrant and deep colour.  Jacaranda believes in natural comfort, TENCEL™ originates from the renewable raw material of wood and is manufactured in an environmentally responsible production process.

    View Jacaranda’s natural shine carpets and rugs here:

    natural shine carpets natural shine rugs

  39. Chatra & Chennai

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    New Ranges

    Jacaranda’s new Chatra & Chennai 100% pure wool designs are hand-woven on traditional wooden looms. This labour intensive process allows for the creation of beautifully rich textures and lends itself to truly thick, chunky, characterful bouclés such as Chatra. Sheep grow fleeces in a wealth of natural shades and Chennai’s random tip-shear pattern is hand-woven from mainly undyed wool tones. Available in 4m and 5m broadloom. Rugs can be made-to-measure.

    Wool Fibres

    Soft, warm wool fibres blend beauty and style with practical durability. Wool fibres are naturally coated in lanolin for natural fire and stain resistance, alongside being renewable and recyclable. Moth-treated at manufacture, guaranteed for 5 years.

    Click here to view the Chatra range

    Click here to view the Chennai range

  40. TENCEL™ fibres, naturally comfortable

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    Jacaranda’s natural shine collection has the key ingredient TENCEL™ a botanic fibre acclaimed for its lustrous shine.  Find out why we believe this ecological fibre helps to create beautiful carpets and rugs.

    Integrated into nature’s cycle

    •     Originates from the renewable raw material of wood
    •     Manufactured in an environmentally responsible production process
    •     Fibres are compostable and biodegradeable, so revert back to nature

    More comfortable living environment

    TENCEL™ fibres inherently contain moisture, even though they feel dry. The humidity of TENCEL™ fibres’ equal 13% compared to only 1% in synthetic fibre. This ability to take in moisture inhibits the growth of bacteria, dust mites and mould. TENCEL™ fibres release moisture back into the air allowing for a cleaner home and a more comfortable living environment.

    TENCEL™ fibres are naturally unpalatable to moths and carpet beetle because unlike wool, TENCEL™ fibres are made from cellulose rather than the proteins that moths eat, therefore there is no need to use pesticide treatments on carpets or rugs from TENCEL™ fibres.

    Gentle on skin

    Viewed under an electron microscope, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres exhibit a smooth surface, giving a silky feel, making it extremely gentle on skin.

    Sustainable production

    TENCEL™ fibres are made from wood pulp only from sustainably grown forests, by a revolutionary process that recycles more than 99% of solvents used, and for this reason it received the European Award for the Environment. This production process means high resource efficiency and low ecological impact.

    Refined sheen & brilliant colour

    TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres have a smooth texture, giving them a refined sheen; the fibres’ smoothness, allow for a higher dye uptake which results in vibrant and deep colour. Jacaranda carpets containing TENCEL™ fibres are beautifully shiny, they offer colour versatility and are silky-soft underfoot.

    View Jacaranda’s natural shine carpets and rugs here:

    natural shine carpets natural shine rugs

  41. Moodboards with texture & tone

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    Clerkenwell Design Week Exhibition

    In May we took part in the exciting Clerkenwell Design Week Exhibition and chose to showcase our carpet & rug collections at the event with moodboards. We commissioned Interior Stylist Arabella McNie to carefully craft three concepts and so Nordic Summer Nights, Desert Rose & Naturals were born.

    By cleverly combining paint colours, with fabrics, wallpapers and carpet & rug collections, Jacaranda’s variety of colour and texture shine through. Arabella’s concepts have brought to life how our collections can work with natural muted tones, softer cool themes, or rich, dark and vibrant hues. We hope you find these moodboards as inspiring as we have.

    Nordic Summer Nights

    Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs | 2. Heavy Velvet Peacock | 9. Heavy Velvet Aegean | 11. Satara Emerald | 12. Simla Charcoal | 15. Satara Damson | 16. Satara Agate | 22. Satara Navy | 29. Satara Charcoal | 30. Willingdon Peacock

    Wallcoverings | 5. Monumenta MON23, Nobilis | 8. Copán 50540, Arte | 10. Coringa COS254, Nobilis | 27. Monumenta MON12, Nobilis

    Fabrics | 1. Abstract 1928 Serpentine, Zoffany | 3. Flanders Linen 1112-22 Laurel, Marvic Textiles | 4. Raphia 10713.27, Nobilis | 6. Palisade Cerulean, Zinc Textile | 7. Frisson 4187 02 59, Casamance | 13. Runway 4228 01 59 Casamance | 14. Safari 5892-58 Amethyst, Marvic Textiles | 17. Obsidienne M227 210 Bleu Paon, Misia | 18. Wagon Lit Newest Navy WL51 Edelman Leather | 19. Ranger Garden Green RAN12 Edelman Leather | 20. Sulky Cabernet SLK34 Edelman Leather | 21. Orfevre 4232 01 41 Casamance | 23. Beauchamp Velvet Midnight 8308/03, James Hare | 24. Orfevre 4232 05 81 Casamance | 25. Beauchamp Velvet Ochre 8308/05, James Hare | 26. Arlington F7313-06, Osborne & Little |
    28. Fever 07952001 Turquoise, Boussac by Pierre Frey

    Paints | A. Aubusson, Zoffany | B. Dukes House no 44, Mylands | C. Night Fishing, Sanderson | D. Serpentine, Zoffany | E. Bone Black, Zoffany | Background colour: Hague Blue, Farrow & Ball | Frame colour: Basalt 221, Little Greene

    Desert Rose

    Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs | 3. Santushti Dove | 5. Jacaranda Satara bespoke | 6. Heavy Velvet Vellum | 9. Willingdon Beluga | 10. Simla Lavender | 12. Tapanui Ash | 21. Satara Camel | 26. Santushti Mouse | 28. Heavy Velvet Woad | 31. Simla Opal

    Wallcoverings | 2. Clouds Hill 50059 964, Zimmer + Rohde | 7. Strata 50570, Arte | 8. Sunset Silk 4190 Tanah Lot Temple, Phillip Jeffries | 25. Shang Extra Fine Sisal T41176, Thibaut | 27. Meadow Pratum 115/13040, Cole & Son

    Fabrics | 1. Tuscan Rose, Savel Inc | 4. Rosina F7290-01, Osborne and Little | 11. Tamarind 8318/01 Natural Slate, James Hare | 13. Java 31646/04 Cherub, James Hare | 14. Kashmiri Silk 31641/17 Pebble, James Hare | 15. Kashmiri Silk 31641/14 Marella Pink, James Hare | 16. Baltazar F3370011 Aloe Vera, Pierre Frey | 17. Ranger Moss RAN11, Edelman Leather | 18. Petite Terrasse 19555 984, Etamine | 19. Fes 10798 493, Zimmer + Rohde | 20. Salone 10788 654, Zimmer + Rohde | 22. Suede Buffalo Bull Swamp SUB05, Edelman Leather | 23. DG2892/09 Massari Blossom, Designers Guild | 24. Grace M226 404 Rose Antique, Misia | 29. Flanders Linen 1112-11 Sage, Marvic Textiles | 30. Salone 10788 814, Zimmer + Rohde

    Paints | A. Livid 263, Little Greene | B. Salvia No 86, Designers Guild | C. Normandy Grey 79, Little Greene | D. Roman Plaster 31, Little Greene | E. Portland Stone 77, Little Greene | Background colour: Eucalyptus Leaf No 73, Designers Guild | Frame colour: Basalt 221, Little Greene


    Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs | 1. Chatra Putty | 5. Natural Weave Hexagon Ivory | 7. Heyford Bryony | 8. Harrington Jay | 10. Holcot Bryony | 11. Chamba Pearl | 16. Pebbles Oatmeal | 19. Agra Taj | 24. Chennai Salt | 29. Mayfield Ivory | 30. Mavora Oatmeal

    Wallcoverings | 2. Teramo T434 Grey, Thibaut | 9. Chene Gris PBS31/TI, Nobilis | 12. Oolite Spacedust ZW129/02, Zinc Textile | 20. 112059 Vitruvius, Anthology | 25. Formation 38201, Arte

    Fabrics | 3. Haven 10777.08, Nobilis | 4. Moray 01 Avalanche, Fox Linton | 6. Reyes Pearl L9236-01, Larsen | 13. Uluru 10788.02, Nobilis | 14. Bautista Desert L9260-01, Larsen | 15. Andreu Bone L9250-02, Larsen | 17. Kasai 10806 991, Zimmer + Rohde | 18. Sheepskin Natural, Zinc Textile | 21. Rif 10779.02, Nobilis | 22. Telios 3984 04 50 Casamance | 23. Burlington F7310-03, Osborne and Little | 26. Woodland Driftwood OW19, Edelman Leather | 27. Texas Weave Stone TW07, Edelman Leather | 28. Manta Seaweed MNT224, Whistler Leather

    Paints | A. Silver, Zoffany | B. Portobello Grey No 20, Designers Guild | C. Double Silver Zoffany | D. Quarter Silver, Zoffany | E. Half Silver, Zoffany | Background colour: Silver Birch No 13, Designers Guild. Frame colour: Basalt 221, Little Greene

    Our thanks to Arabella ( for these wonderful concepts and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

  42. Colour Match with Jacaranda

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    We make bespoke coloured carpets and rugs

    Visit the Jacaranda showroom at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour to gain ideas and inspiration from our TENCEL™ colour library.  Match to any fabric, pantone, wallpaper or paint swatch, on any of our hand-woven TENCEL™ ranges.  We have a vast array of natural to vibrant jewel-like shades across our TENCEL™ collection. Alongside samples of one off bespoke colours that have been commissioned.

    TENCEL™ Fibres

    TENCEL™ is a beautiful botanic fibre with a naturally smooth texture that enables a higher dye uptake.  Whether you are looking to make a statement or to match to a softer tone, we can easily achieve the look.  Carpets & rugs containing TENCEL™ fibres offer colour versatility and luxury as they remain silky-soft underfoot. With no minimum order quantity, why compromise on colour!

    Colour matched carpets

    Colour matched rugs


  43. Harrington, Heyford & Holcot

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    Three contemporary, hard-wearing loop pile flatweaves join Jacaranda’s pure wool machine-made collection. Each range consists of 9 natural-toned modern colours. Harrington shows a distinctive dark linear highlight, Heyford is a smart square texture, Holcot is more of a basketweave.

    Stylish and practical

    These stylish but practical broadlooms are flat-woven from 100% pure wool. All are suitable for stairs and good tog tests suggest them as partners for under-floor heating. We believe that wool makes great carpet, as it is soft and warm, hard-wearing and inherently fire retardant, naturally coated in lanolin improving stain resistance. Bordered and blind-hemmed rugs can be made-to-measure.

    GUT approved

    All three ranges are GUT approved. GUT has been created by the European carpet industry to raise its environmental standards.  GUT accredits environmentally responsible production, and requires intensive product testing for VOC emissions and chemicals to ensure consumer safety.


    Broadloom widths: Harrington 4m, Heyford & Holcot 4 & 5m
    Structure:                 Machine-woven
    Pile material:           100% new wool
    Gross pile weight:   Harrington 775g/m2, Heyford & Holcot 850g/m2

  44. Our Mission

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    “Quality with style, a love for handmade textures, natural colours and sustainable fibres, respect for the environment and everyone who crafts our carpets and rugs.”

    Richard & Lucy Meager
    Jacaranda’s founders and managing directors

    Our collections

    In each of our collections: handmade natural shine, handmade wool and machine-made wool we endeavour to stay true to our mission and create beautiful textures and colours using new and old methods with the best quality fibres.  Our collections aim to offer natural beauty, colour and warmth to enrich interiors.


  45. Handmade Wool

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    Here at Jacaranda we love wool, we believe that wool makes great carpets. Wool is renewable and recyclable, soft and warm but hard-wearing and naturally fire-retardant. With a high luxury and comfort level this deep, dense wool pile adds texture and character whilst insulating your home. Jacaranda are the market leaders in hand-woven wool products.

    Benefits of wool

    Wool fibres are easy to maintain and are naturally coated in lanolin enhancing stain resistance. Jacaranda offers a 5-year anti-moth guarantee.

    The most durable fibre

    The durability of this practical fibre means that it can be used in heavier traffic areas; our popular Willingdon range is heavy contract rated and comes in 5m widths, ideal for seam-free installations.

    Jacaranda’s wool ranges

    Our handmade wool colour palette includes dyed or undyed shades, and we have recently introduced beautiful soft greens and blues. Our handmade wool ranges include: Agra, Bilpar, Chamba, Chandigarh, Heavy Velvet, Pebbles, Rajgarh, Rampur, Ranila, Sambar, Samode and Willingdon. Various stock size rugs are available and rugs can be made-to-measure.




  46. New Year New Website

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    Jacaranda’s completely new website offers more flexibility for browsing our natural shine, handmade wool and machine made wool carpets & rugs.

    Filter your choice

    You can easily filter your carpet or rug, by colour, texture, composition, collection and suitability.

    Pin your favourites

    You can pin your favourites, and then review all your choices together on a personal pin-board.

    ‘You may also like…’, will suggest alternatives to your first choices.

    Cleaning advice and installation images

    Cleaning advice on TENCEL™.  Visit our installations page for inspiration.