Creating our Carpets & Rugs

Artisan Craftmanship

Jacaranda is renowned for sumptuous, tactile textures which can only be created by hand. Hand-weaving carpets and rugs, is a highly skilled craft, passed down through the generations. In modern society these skilled trades are often replaced by lower quality machine-made alternatives. At Jacaranda, we are striving to keep these traditions alive, whilst ensuring ethical standards for the artisans involved.

Handmade carpets and rugs have a unique charm and quirkiness that can never be mirrored by machine. Here’s how they are made:


Every roll of Jacaranda handwoven carpet passes through at least 64 skilled hands across 280 hours and approximately 31 days. Each roll of carpet begins with the yarn, which is transferred from hanks to bobbins on a traditional spinning wheel. Each roll of Jacaranda carpet requires around 1200 bobbins. These bobbins are then wound by hand on to a large warping wheel in preparation for the loom.


Each carpet is woven on traditional hand operated wooden looms. Warp and wefts are interwoven over metal rods by a traditional wooden shuttle thrown across and back, as pedal operated frames move up and down. The weaving creates a loop pile finish which can either be left for loop pile carpet or cut to create velvet or cut & loop pile finishes.


Once off the loom, the carpets are then stretched on to grippers where the latex and backing is applied for structural stability before being dried in giant ovens. Every roll is then checked, tufts snipped, and velvet carpets are hand-sheared to create a smooth, glossy finish. Quality control is woven into the process, we have a dedicated quality control manager Mukesh, who checks each roll of carpet every step of the way to ensure they meet our high standards.


Hand-woven rugs are produced in the same way as our carpets, then the edges are hand-sewn edge in the same yarn as the pile.


Hand-woven carpets & rugs are extremely labour intensive, and we need to be sure that everyone concerned is well treated, and that no children are involved in our production. For this reason, we work with GoodWeave, an organisation set up by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, who work tirelessly to eradicate child labour in the weaving industries.

Our factories must adhere to strict rules and guidelines set out by GoodWeave and never know when GoodWeave’s inspectors may arrive. Please do visit to find out more.