‘Eco’ claims verified independently

Jacaranda carpets & rugs always insist on independent third party evaluation and accreditation.


This European certification accredits environmentally responsible production, and requires intensive product testing for VOC emissions and chemicals to ensure consumer safety. The testing integrates information on environmental issues, consumer health & safety and works across installation, usage, recycling and production; to cover the life-cycle of the carpet. Within our wool collection our Natural Weave, Harrington, Heyford & Holcot ranges carry the GUT/Prodis logo. For GUT/Prodis website click here.

European Award for the environment

The botanic fibre TENCEL™ which we source from Lenzing AG, is made from wood pulp that is produced from sustainably grown trees. The production process has won the ‘European award for the environment’ due to extremely low emissions as 99.8% of solvents are recycled over and over again. TENCEL™ natural fibres manage moisture more than synthetic fibres, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and allowing for more comfortable living spaces.

VOC Emissions

High VOC emissions cause pollutants in the atmosphere, which over time can affect the ozone layer. We recognise the importance of reducing VOC emissions, so our products are independently tested over a 3 day period using the BS EN 16516:2017 VOC Emissions test. Our TENCEL™ and Wool products score well below 1, the benchmark for a good classification.

Using only natural fibres

Jacaranda never compromises quality or longevity, but wherever possible the use of chemicals and non-natural ingredients is minimised. Jacaranda’s luxurious and unique textures can only be achieved by sourcing the highest quality natural materials, as we aim to ensure beauty and sustainability go hand in hand.