Jacaranda pledges to be Net Zero by 2040

Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs are pleased to announce we have joined the SME Climate Hub as recognised by the UN Race to Zero Campaign, pledging to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and to reach Net Zero by 2040.

What does this mean for Jacaranda?

The SME Climate hub requires us to publicly report our annual Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Simply put this means all our emissions from owned or controlled energy sources such as company vehicles, machinery and air conditioning.  Plus emission from all electricity and gas purchased for our Northamptonshire headquarters and Chelsea Harbour showroom.   You can see this report here.

In addition, we have chosen to log company air miles and to work to reduce these too.

What have Jacaranda done so far?

We installed solar panels on our warehouse roof way back in 2012. Not nearly enough for our energy needs but we will be adding to them.

We have switched our electricity to a provider that generates power with predominantly renewable energy and we will be moving to 100% renewables by February 2024. Our warehouse and office lighting operates on motion sensors, so is only on when needed.

We will buy no more diesel company vehicles. The first 2 fully electric company cars have just joined our fleet, plus 2 charge points installed at HQ.

Jacaranda air travel has been considerable for a company our size with regular visits to our distributors all around Europe.  In November 2021 we re-discovered the pleasures of train travel visiting customers in 6 countries in a single trip.  Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Zurich and Milan – all easily reached by train commencing at London St Pancras.

For rug transport within the UK, we now use the UPS Carbon Neutral scheme which offsets carbon emissions through projects such as: reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and methane destruction.

Energy reduction is important, but so is reducing waste

We have insisted that all our handwoven carpets and rugs are shipped from India in 100% recycled polythene.  We have switched our UK packaging to 100% recycled polythene too.

All our print is now on recyclable card and paper, and we are working towards using only biodegradable laminates. Wherever possible paper is FSC certified from sustainable forests.

We have reviewed all forms and filing, so the majority is now digital. In house printers are stocked with 100% recycled paper and defaulted to low toner, double-sided settings.  Address labels are biodegradable.  We will not re-order any envelopes with unrecyclable plastic windows.

In the Kitchen we now use eco-friendly dishwasher tablets and milk in re-usable glass bottles from our milkman.

These are just some of Jacaranda’s small steps and many more are being planned which we will be reporting on again soon.

Lastly let’s spread the word, follow the link to find out more about the SME climate Hub and see how your business may be able to help.