Jaspur & Jaisalmer

Pure Wool Designs

Jacaranda’s new Jaspur and Jaisalmer pure wool designs are hand-woven on traditional wooden looms, this artisan practice allows for the creation of wonderful textures. Jaisalmer is an unusual but subtle linear stripe only achievable by hand, and Jaspur is a rich smooth velvet.

Hand-weaving broadloom is a time-consuming art that requires real skill at each stage. Each roll of handmade carpet passes through at least 130 skilled hands, across 208 hours over 26 days to achieve a beautiful finish.

Natural Wool fibres

Sheep grow new fleeces every year making wool renewable and recyclable, soft and warm but hard-wearing and naturally fire-retardant. With a high luxury and comfort level, deep dense wool pile adds texture whilst insulating your home. Wool fibres are also naturally coated in lanolin providing stain resistance.

Warm and Durable

Jaspur and Jaisalmer carpets bring warmth, texture, durability and bags of character, alongside a colour palette that spans across nine natural tones. Both are suitable for stairs and are heavy contract rated. Stocked in 4m and 5m broadloom, rugs can be made-to-measure.

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