Almora Amber

Made To Measure

Jacaranda can make all ranges in bespoke rug sizes. Our inhouse workshop specialises in adding high quality, understated edges to transform our beautiful carpets into made-to-measure rugs. We can add contrasting yarns or bolder border tapes too. Handwoven collections can be made to size in India with a hand-sewn edge.

Please choose the texture, size and one of the edging options below; then contact a Jacaranda stockist for a quote.


We use a needle to sew edges by hand, with the same-coloured wool or TENCEL™ from which each rug is made. All Jacaranda’s stock rugs have hand-sewn edges. Bespoke rugs can be hand-sewn too.


Blind hemming is so called as the stitching is invisible and the tape gives a subtle edge to the rug. We colour match velvet or cotton tape closely to the rug centre to create a stylishly, understated finish. Visible tape width varies, but will be as narrow as each texture allows whilst ensuring longevity.

Wide Blind-Hemmed

Due to the loop construction of certain ranges, they require a slightly wider blind-hem than our standard finish. We closely match cotton or velvet tape to the rug centre and add a narrow edge, ensuring that the loop pile is securely held for longevity whilst giving a smart, subtle finish.


The edges of all but Jacaranda’s thickest bouclés can be overlocked in our workshop. For our TENCEL™ ranges we use the same yarn as the pile, or customers can use our TENCEL™ pom box to choose contrasting colours. We whip wool ranges in carefully matched wool yarn for a subtle, stylish finish.


We can border rugs in a choice of leather, cotton, linen or Alcantara®.  Standard border width is 5 – 6cm. Please note that our leather borders are made from real hides so joins may be visible.

Border options