New Rug Workshop Manager

With ever-increasing demand for made-to-measure rugs, Jacaranda are pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Place as our New Rug Workshop Manager.

Edging Options

Sarah has carried out a major review of our rug edging practices to ensure consistency of appearance and quality. Every one of Jacaranda’s ranges can be finished as a rug, the options are:

Blind hemming is so called as the stitching is invisible and the tape gives a subtle edge to the rug. Our standard visible tape width varies from 4 – 8mm dependent on range, to ensure quality and longevity.

To ensure the subtlest tape match to our expanding colour bank of rug centres, we will choose the best match from our selection of cotton or new velvet (polyester) tapes. Please be assured we have cotton or velvet tapes to match each range.

We have found a solution for Almora, Arani & Chatapur, which we previously withdrew as an option for blind-hemming due to their cut & loop construction. We can now offer these ranges with a wider 12mm visible blind-hem using the new velvet tape.

L: Example of Simla with blind-hem                                 R: Example of Arani with blind-hem

We have also made improvements to our whipped edges, with new squarer corners and the addition of smart Jacaranda tape and leather label on the rear of the rugs. We now have wool to match all our wool ranges, for our TENCEL™ collections we use the same TENCEL™ yarn as the rug centre to whip the edges, meaning all but Jacaranda’s thickest bouclés can now be overlocked in our workshop.

We have added an exciting range of 24 bold, velvet borders to our existing collection of leather, Alcantara®, linen and cotton. Velvet borders will be the same price as leather and Alcantara®. Our border widths are 5-6cm visible as standard. From January 2022 our new velvet borders will be available as wider 13cm borders.

All the above finishes are available from our UK rug workshop, we can also offer edges hand-sewn at source;

We use a needle to sew edges by hand, with the same-coloured wool or TENCEL™ from which each rug is made. All Jacaranda’s stock rugs have hand-sewn edges. Bespoke rugs can be hand-sewn too.

Head over to our made to measure website page where you can find details on which edge is available on each range, new velvet colours will join the images of existing border tapes very soon.