Pictures from India

“We regularly post images of our beautiful carpets and rugs, installed in stylish
locations across Britain and Europe.

We are often proud to say that each roll of Jacaranda handmade carpet passes through at
least 130 skilled hands, across 208 hours, over approximately 26 days.

We don’t show you often enough, the very skilled people who handmake them with pride.
Here’s some wonderful shots taken on our last visit to India.”

Lucy & Richard Meager

Weaving on traditional looms

Our traditional looms need several strong weavers, using their hands and feet to move the frames and control the wooden shuttle thrown left then right. Weavers often work in family groups, proud of their loom. It is testament to their skill and dedication, that they regularly weave prefect rolls of carpets 5m wide by 20m long.

Handmade beauty


To ensure that there are no children involved in our supply chain, Jacaranda has for many years supported GoodWeave and our factories never know when GoodWeave’s inspectors may arrive. GoodWeave was founded in 1995 by Indian activist Kailiash Satyarthi who was recognized for his achievements in 2014 with the Nobel Peace Prize.

And a note on the pandemic.

Our factories have started production again, but at reduced capacity while they introduce safe working practices into very skilled and labour-intensive production processes. Government rules dictate safe social distancing and face masks for all. Jacaranda supports these measures.