Silk the ultimate luxury

Mandalay Silk

Silk remains the ultimate luxury and for years, Jacaranda has received requests from across the world for real silk carpets and rugs. With the oldest known silk rug dating back to the 4th century, we are understandably excited to add these to our collection.

Mandalay Silk is handwoven from 40% real silk and 60% Merino wool.

Mandalay Silk Abalone Carpet

The silk element offers the ultimate in luxurious shine whilst the Merino wool renowned for its softness and strength enhances the usability. Not only is Mandalay Silk beautiful, but it is practical too with medium contract rating, an impressive BFl-s1 fire rating and a tog rating of 1.68 making it compatible with most underfloor heating.

Refined colour range

Mandalay Silk spans across ten sophisticated shades from softer neutrals like Ecru & Abalone, to bolder grey & blue hues. Should you not be able to find the perfect tone we can colour match to paint, pantone, fabric or pom with no minimum order quantity.

Mandalay Silk will be available from July in 4m, as well as stock rug sizes: 170x240cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm & 300x400cm or made-to-measure. 5m broadloom will be available from August

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