Who are GoodWeave

Founded in 1994 by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi, GoodWeave is a leading global institution set up to combat child labour in textile weaving industries. In more recent years, GoodWeave have expanded their vital work to tackle forced or bonded labour and provide educational opportunities to the children they rescue.

GoodWeave & Jacaranda

At Jacaranda, we are long-standing partners of GoodWeave, our unique carpets and rugs are handmade to create one-of-a-kind textures using artisan crafts perfected by generations of
craftsmen and women. We are passionate about upholding these exceptional skills whilst ensuring that everyone involved is well treated. We insist the factories we work with are GoodWeave registered, thus ensuring that no child, forced or bonded labour is used in the weaving of our handmade carpets & rugs.

The work that GoodWeave do

For 25 years, GoodWeave has implemented and refined a set of market-driven programmes to stop child labour. Their holistic approach aims to heal and educate those children who have been exploited, while changing the underlying root causes.

Measurable benefits

GoodWeave’s recent statistics highlight very clearly the positive impact and changes their work is having within weaving communities: 9,436 rescued from child labour | 44,893 children provided with educational opportunities | 88,773 workers reached across supply chains in 2022.

Discover more

Here is a link to GoodWeave’s latest newsletter and videos to help understand first-hand the work they do:

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