Wool nature’s choice

Spring is in the air, and the lambs playing in the fields have prompted us to reflect on the wonders of wool.

Why choose wool carpet and rugs?

  • Wool is nature’s choice, sheep naturally re-grow their thick insulating coats every year
  • It grows with an inherent crimp and spring, so can be woven into great textures like our big boucle Chatra and Natural Weave Herringbone
  • Wool is very resilient and hard-wearing. Jacaranda’s Willingdon scores a Class 33 Heavy Contract rating to international standard EN 1307
  • Sheep coat their wool with natural lanolin as it grows, this is retained during manufacture to provide natural stain resistance
  • Yes, we dye wool, but its variety of natural undyed colors is stunning, as shown by our Chennai carpets and rugs
  • At the end of a carpets life, the wool will biodegrade. Rubbish tips will be stuffed with synthetic carpet pile for generations, but not with wool

True, carpet moth can be a problem, but not with Jacaranda’s floorcoverings. All our wool yarns are treated against moths before spinning. All our wool floorcoverings come with a 5 year guarantee, although in our experience the anti-moth proofing lasts much longer.

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