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Moon Leaf

Bespoke Hand-Tufted Carpets & Rugs


Moon Leaf

This simple yet eye-catching hand-tufted design can be made as a bespoke size rug or wall-to-wall carpet.

Jacaranda have curated two colourways, Adamantine and Twilight, alternatively we can colour match to your scheme. Moon Leaf can be made from a choice of natural fibres, you can even mix the fibres within the design. Wool for durability and warmth, TENCEL™ for softness and a glossy shine or opt for an extra level of luxuriousness with real silk.

Jacaranda’s hand-tufted ranges are contract rated so can be used throughout the home or in high-end commercial locations. If TENCEL™ is included within the design, it is not recommended for entrances or wet areas.

The detail...


Bespoke sizes: Available to a maximum of 5m x 20m
Pile material: Wool, TENCEL™ or silk
Construction: Handtufted
Backing: Cotton
Moth guarantee: 5 years or lifetime if TENCEL™
rug edges: Hand-sewn


Bespoke sizes: Available to a maximum of 5m x 20m.
Pile material: Wool, TENCEL™ or silk
Construction: Handtufted
Backing: Cotton
Moth guarantee: 5 years or lifetime if TENCEL™

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We recommend viewing a physical sample before ordering, as most screens do not show true colours.

Size tolerance
•For carpets please always order 3% more than is required both on length and width
•For hand-tufted rugs, sizes may vary by up to +/-2.5%
•For inset locations order oversized carpet and cut in on site

Hand-tufted floorcoverings are subject to variation in uniformity of weave, this is part of their handmade character and should not be considered as faults. Natural fibres may fade over time, this may be accelerated by exposure to direct sunlight. Broadlooms featuring cut pile may very occasionally suffer from pile reversal, a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by the environment rather than manufacture.

Fitting carpets
Our high-quality carpets tend to be thick, dense and therefore heavy, so please ensure plenty of labour to move and fit them.
Jacaranda’s carpets should always be installed by professionals. They may be stretched onto grippers over good quality, solid underlay. They may also be stuck directly to the floor or fitted over underlay using the double stick method.

Installing rugs
A quality underlay beneath your rug will eradicate slippage and can reduce wear. Jacaranda offers non-slip rug underlay suitable for rugs laid over carpets or hard floors.


General maintenance
Please vacuum your newly fitted carpet or rug frequently, some initial fibre loss or ‘shedding’ is normal but will not affect the appearance or performance, and soon stops with frequent vacuuming.
Please continue to vacuum regularly throughout the life of your floorcovering. Vacuum carpets or rugs with the beater bar turned off.

To lengthen life:
Place barrier mats by doors but clean them often
Use castor mats under all castor chairs
Add furniture cups under the legs of furniture
Lay non-slip underlay under all rugs and rotate rugs regularly to spread wear
Buy a Jacaranda Emergency Spot Cleaning Kit with your carpet or rug, to have ready for accidents

Spills and stains
Like most fabrics, carpets & rugs will stain from spills of everyday liquids like coffee or wine. The key is to act quickly.

• Pick up any solids using a spoon or blunt knife
• Blot up liquid gently with plain, white, absorbent paper such as kitchen towel. Continue, changing paper regularly, until it comes back dry
• Use Jacaranda’s emergency spot cleaning kit
• Call a professional carpet cleaner if the stain remains

• Rub or scrub which can ‘burst’ the pile surface causing permanent damage
• Add water
• Use home steam cleaners
• Use home cleaning chemicals which may set the stain, damage the pile, or leave a sticky residue prone to re-soiling

Professional cleaning
When your carpet or rug needs stain removal or a deep clean, you should contact a carpet cleaning specialist. For your guidance, professional cleaners should recommend either a dry compound or hot water extraction cleaning method. For dry compound cleaning the floorcovering will be sprinkled with cleaning granules, allowed to dry before being vacuumed up. Wet extraction uses a specialist machine to spray the carpet with water and cleaning products whilst simultaneously vacuuming to remove stains and dislodge any stubborn debris. They should not use steam or bonnet cleaning methods on our carpets and rugs.
Cleaning often takes place on site however they may recommend taking rugs off site to be cleaned. Please note we would not recommend rugs baths where the rug is fully submerged in water.
Always ask your professional to re-apply moth protection after your floorcovering has been wet cleaned.

Anti-stain treatments
These won’t make carpets or rugs invincible, prompt removal of spills is still key, but anti-stain treatments should buy time and make stains easier for professionals to remove. Stain treatments should always be applied by professionals with specialist knowledge of TENCEL™. Stain protection should be reapplied after every deep clean.